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Kepler e-commerce platform

PHP Drupal

Kepler is a Drupal-based e-commerce platform that is used for building and maintaining web shops efficiently. The platform is a hybrid between software-as-a-service and regular, distributed software in that it has a common core that can be maintained and updated centrally but it can also be tailored to great length for each customer. Furthermore, it can be removed from the central hosting environment if a customer for example wishes to host it themselves or if a web shop demands a special hosting environment due to high traffic or other circumstances.


  • Turnkey-style swappable themes
  • Excellent CMS capabilites that allow for a website/webshop hybrid site
  • Automated deployment of new stores
  • Semi-automated updates for bug fixes and new features - build once, deploy everywhere!
  • Developer-friendly. All the parts of Kepler are carefully thought out and put together to make for a smooth experience.

Watch Kepler in action here:


PHP  /  Symfony

Pocketogram is a popular B2B service that helps their clients with gifts for their employees at Christmas and other occasions. Instead of a fixed item the staff receive a gift card that they can turn in at Pocketogram’s website in exchange for a book, a film, a delicacy basket or even an adventurous experience. It was originally built in an older e-commerce platform that is not actually suited to their business since the checkout flow is so tailored and distincts itself from that of an ordinary web shop.

Filemaker integration

Python  /  Django
Filemaker integration

A car dealer had an existing web shop built in Python / Django and wanted to integrate it with Filemaker since they wanted to move the administration there. They wanted products and product categories in the Django store to be updated automatically when they were updated in Filemaker, and also when an order was placed in the Django store it should automatically be sent to Filemaker.