About me

I’m a full stack developer who started out building regular websites back in 2010 before I specialized in e-commerce. I co-founded a web agency where I served as CTO and lead developer for five years before I went into freelancing. My weapon of choice is mainly PHP in the form of Drupal and Symfony with Python and Go as supporting languages for microservices and utilities, although I have done one or two projects in Django and Node.js as well. What I love doing the most is building and maintaining systems that are meant to last for a long time. Quality in terms of performance, stability, scalability and extensibility are very important motivators for me and those tend to be more highly valued the longer the intended lifespan of a system is. E-commerce projects often fulfill these criteria and that is one of the reasons why I ended up in that niche.

Kristofer is one of the best web developers I have had the pleasure to work with. Not only is he very knowledgeable in his professional role, he also possesses the ability to communicate possibilities, solutions and site issues in an easy to understand manner. To me, as a project manager, he has been an invaluable asset in times of crisis and in coming up with the best solutions for our website within our budget. By hiring Kristofer you get a developer with a solid knowledge of Drupal and usability. He is fast, meticulous, builds smart, well functioning solutions and always meets the agreed-upon deadlines. I give Kristofer my highest recommendation, without reservation.

— Christina Simpson, Marketeer/Project leader digital media, Cirkus Cirkör

Here are some of the organizations that I’ve worked with:

Dagens Näringsliv Cirkus Cirkör Business Region Skåne
Svenska Postkodlotteriet Norrköpings Kommun Svenska Fotografers Förbund IVT Center Pocketogram